A helping hand for flood-hit residents and businesses

Albert Street and New Road under water on Boxing Day - picture by Charles Round
Albert Street and New Road under water on Boxing Day - picture by Charles Round

Funding is being extended to help those affected by flooding and Calderdale Council is urging people to apply for cash help.

The council has already paid more than £2m to properties affected by the floods, but the rate at which applications have been received is slowing as many eligible properties have not yet submitted a claim. To help address this, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet passed recommendations to build upon the current grants in place and make it easier for affected homes and businesses to apply.

The council will commission surveyors to assist businesses and residential property owners to apply and improve flood resilience. It was also proposed that funding should be extended to cover ‘near miss’ properties - up to £5,000 can be claimed to protect these buildings against any further flooding. Officers are now visiting properties who haven’t applied to encourage residents who were flooded to make a claim. Money is also available for properties affected by landslips. The report outlined funding for a programme of marketing, events and festivals to assist affected communities.

People should ideally submit their expression of interest for the £5,000 Repair and Renew grant by March 31, but full applications do not need to be made until May 31.

A Government Minister said a new scheme to help households get affordable flood insurance could be extended to small businesses.

Transport Minister Robert Goodwill, the flood envoy for Yorkshire, said the Flood Re scheme could be used as a model to help small businesses.

“What we need to do is look at how the model of Flood Re can potentially be transferred onto a small business Flood Re working in a similar way,” Mr Goodwill said. “But what we first need to do is learn the lessons of how the new scheme will work...and see how we can transfer any of those lessons on to the new scheme.”