A final push and Halifax school Ravenscliffe’s £3.3 million dream will be realised

Ravenscliffe School's new Spring Hall site is taking shape

A Third of the way up and a third of the way in...Ravenscliffe High School’s dream is visibly now becoming reality and funding is almost in place for the final flourish!

In recent weeks the skeleton of the building has been gaining height and breadth and starting to take shape as the original artist’s impression showed after the project to develop a sixth form centre for the Savile Park, Halifax, based school at Spring Hall, got under way in 2014.

The artist's impression of the Ravenscliffe School Spring Hall extension, Halifax.

Since then a massive £1.7 million has been committed by the Ravenscliffe and Calderdale communities to supplement £1.6 million from Calderdale and headteacher Martin Moorman hopes another push will help raise the £130,000 remaining to see the project through to completion.

Martin said: “Three years ago we started asking our Calderdale community and beyond to help us, and three years on we have managed to raise the extra £1.7 million through fantastic public support, needed to help us get to the build stage.

“We have realised that if you don’t ask you certainly don’t get, and that many people have a special affinity with the terrific young people who attend the school.

“We know that we happen to work with with some brilliant young people, who face significant challenges in life as it is. Quite simply, we want to give them the very best learning environment and education and care support that we can and additionally provide the wider Calderdale community with a resource that brings that track to life every day.

The Ravenscliffe@SpringHall Community Cafe will be used to train the school's own students, like Ashley, pictured right, who left school two years ago but now employed in the school kitchen, in the skills needed for the catering and hospitality trade

“There are more Hannah Cockcrofts and Brownlee Brothers out there in Calderdale, but they need somewhere fit for purpose to hone their athletic and sporting skills. Ravenscliffe@SpringHall could be that venue!

“We just need to raise the final projected £130,000 to complete the costs of building and equipping this centre, and remove the likely need of school taking out a loan.

“If you can help we’d love to hear from you.”

The build is about a third of the way up and a third of the way into the timescale. The school will be handed the keys on or around April 3, 2018, and then will project manage the full equip of the building.

Ravenscliffe pupils celebrate the �250,000 raised in one night for the Spring Hall project by the Queensbury-based Leo Group at a summer ball

Ravenscliffe Spring Hall is planned to open in September 2018, and will be a purpose-built, fully accessible Post-16 learning centre and out of hours community centre.

The originial vision has been scaled down a little, meaning two classrooms have been taken out of the original design and it is being brick-built rather than stone, but the end result should be a fantastic resource not only for the school but also the community as a whole, retaining sports links for which Spring Hall has long been known.

It will be a special school sixth form for students aged 16-19 at Ravenscliffe during the day, and an out of hours community centre and resource every day after school.

Martin added: “The dream is to develop a resource open to all members of the Calderdale community whilst also developing a regional centre of excellence within disability sport. Our specially adapted fleet of bikes will be based there permanently, making on track cycling openly accessible for all, not just people with disabilities of all ages, but also elderly people with mobility issues and so on.”

Ravenscliffe School's Spring Hall, Halifax, project is taking shape

Ravenscliffe School's new Spring Hall site is taking shape, October 2017

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