A cut in numbers

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West Yorkshire have lost almost 1,000 police in David Cameron’s time as Prime Minister, says Labour candidate for the Calder Valley Parliamentary seat, Josh Fenton-Glynn.

Mr Fenton-Glynn said lhe latest figures, released on January 29, show a cut in overall police numbers of 17,000 and 1,737 in Yorkshire and Humberside.

Mr Fenton-Glynn said: “1,737 police officers have now been cut since 2010 in Yorkshire and Humber. West Yorkshire has seen the overwhelming majority of that losing 958.

“After a generation of progress in reducing crime, there are disturbing signs that recorded violent and sexual crime is rising. And crime is changing. The police are already struggling to cope with combatting child sexual exploitation and abuse as well as new forms of on-line fraud and cybercrime. Instead of a police and crime commissioner system that few people voted for and fewer wanted this government should have invested in front line officers.”