12 year old is international festival star

A 12 year old from Hebden Bridge has become an international star after taking up a rather unusual hobby.

Friday, 2nd October 2015, 4:25 pm

Elliot Baines is the world’s youngest lighting engineer and travels the UK designing lighting sets for festivals and events.

His mum, Michelle Greenwood, said: “When Elliot was three, he used torches for lights and incense for smoke to make shows on the mantlepiece at home. It’s just grown from there and it’s gone completely mad!”

At age 7, Elliot saved his pocket money to buy professional lights and by age 10 he had set up his own website.

Now he has traveled as far as London to do professional lighting for shows and festivals, and has captured the attention of several big lighting businesses.

“It’s his passion,” said Ms Greenwood, “it’s amazing to watch him while he’s doing it. His little hands are flying all over the place and he’s absolutely in time with the music.”

Not only does Elliot have a passion for lighting design but he also plays drums and has been known to pick up other insruments.

Ms Greenwood said: “He just picks things up so quickly, sometimes we’ve got to put a lid on him.”

Elliot said the best thing about his new found fame is that he gets to meet so many different people.

He said: “What’s really amazing about it is meeting people and getting to travel around the country.”

The young prodigy says he wants to inspire other young people, and show them that anything is possible.

“Hopefully young people out there will see that they can get involved with things like this as well.”

At one of his up-coming charity events, Elliot will showcase another young star, a girl aged 14 who wants to become a singer.

Elliot is destined for even greater things, and has already been offered an apprenticeship with a lighting company in London, who say they will take him on in a few years’ time when he turns 16.

But until then, Ms Greenwood says the focus on getting the balance right between education and having fun.

“I’m a teacher at a school in Bradford, so I know how important education is. We do take Elliot out of school a few days a year but his teachers have been really supportive. This is educational too.”

Elliot says he’s really grateful for all encouragement he’s had.

“My friends are really proud of me and my Mum and Dad have been so supportive.”