Stubbings schoolmates back in ’33

The Stubbings class of 33
The Stubbings class of 33

Mr Denis Mills has loaned us this photograph of his school class group back in the 1930s.

Denis and his wife Audrey have lived for more than 50 years in Birkenshaw, Bradford, but like to keep in touch with what is going on in Hebden bridge through the Hebden Bridge Times.

This school photograph was taken around 1933 in the top school yard of Stubbings School, Hebden Bridge, when H. H. Potts was the headmaster.

It looks to have been taken on a wet day and a mat has had to be brought out for the children on the front row to sit on.

Denis says he is unsure how many of his former classmates are still alive as all would be over the age of 80 now, and he cannot recall for certain some of the names.

Accordingly, he has only put names to faces he is sure of, but if anyone can help fill in the gaps we would love to hear from you - call John Greenwood on 01422 260283.

Denis has set out the names of those he thinks are correct as follows.

Top row, from the left, unknown, Denis himself, Norma Sutcliffe, unknown, unknown, unknown, Derek Irvin, unknown and unknown.

Middle row, from the left, unknown, unknown, unknown, Kathleen Dempsey (?), unknown, Barbara Mitchell, Mary Ashworth, unknown.

Bottom row, from the left, unknown, Reggie Beswick, Ronnie Fulcher, Ronnie Windle, unknown, Gordon Astin and Kenneth McGibney.