Maria brought alive tenants of Titus Salt’s model village

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Around 60 people attended the October Meeting of Mytholmroyd Historical Society. Mrs Margaret Collinge introduced Maria Glot who gave a talk on Saltaire World Heritage Site..

Maria played the part of a woman living with her family in Saltaire in the 19th century, making history come alive in a most amusing way, writes Judith Wilson.

Titus Salt was a Wool Stapler who brought people from workhouses to Bradford, housing them in slum conditions.

The Chartists protested and the workers threatened to strike.

This led to better conditions and the building of Saltaire Village.

He built houses with modern amenities but nobody wanted to stay because he would not let them keep animals, so he provided allotments for growing things and keeping animals.

He also built a school and employed half-timers in his mill.

When Saltaire was completed there was a mill, school, church,houses,shops and a park. In fact everything but a pub and all built to the highest standards.

Mr Drake expressed thanks. The next meeting will be on November 14 at 7.30 pm at Mytholmroyd Methodist Church when Rodney Collinge will speak about Non-conformist chapels in the Luddenden Valley.