Hair and beauty with Stone Hair Art: Our warm and colourful ‘fruit pastels’ are the look for the autumn season

Colour me - Strawberry
Colour me - Strawberry

Over the years teams of archaeologists around the world have assembled substantial proof that humans started to fashion tools around 100,000 years ago. Same say even earlier.

Interestingly jewellery followed not far behind.

Apparently our ancestors started adorning themselves with interesting pieces of shiny stones and shells, drilling holes to allow these trinkets to hang, some on display around their necks. Since then, humans have been refining acts of adornment and continue to do so today.

The interesting thing to me is this adornment is completely and only for social value. It doesn’t keep us warm or provide food, or shelter, but it does acknowledge our social consciousness and our desire to appear somehow unique while at the same time stay part of a larger decorating collective.

These pieces may have been used for trade as well. And so it goes today. Billions are spent each year around the globe decorating, creating, and expressing our inner selves with layers of adornment.

Needless to say it wasn’t long after this shell drilling escapade that we advanced to adorning our hair. Pigments date back as far as Neanderthal man and the wall-paintings of the Stone Age (around 15,000 BC): yellow and red oxides, soot, black manganese oxide and white porcelain clay made up the natural range at the time.

Hair became another artistic or at least creative vehicle of self-expression. Jump to the present and our obsession with expressing who we are through our hair style is even more apparent, celebrated with plays in Todmorden’s Hippodrome (Hairspray!) about to hit the stage. Hair adornment is an important part of contemporary human life.

“Hairspray”is about the life style of the era, a time when the hair salon became an icon. Your hair stylist is there to help you make the right impression. We take it all into account,” says Loucas,

“Your hair has to fit in with the rest of your style, your makeup, your clothes, and your spirit.

“Todmorden’s thriving community of beauty and grooming specialists offer plenty of diversity. Why not shine the spotlight on Todmorden’s excellence for once?”

Competing with larger better known venues can be a good thing; it brings business to Tod. Trevor, Stone Hair Art manager, explains: “The bigger cities have nothing that we can’t do better and more affordably. It’s all about our talent, not just our location. We have both!

“Plus, off the shelf products are not everyone’s cup of tea during the holidays coming up.

“Hair is one of the best ways of standing out from the crowd; professional hair styles and colour gives you a bespoke feel without breaking the bank.

“The professional touch expresses your uniqueness; it’s expressing who you are and professionals are best at getting it right.”

Trevor said that costs drive the market, but some short sighted gains when buying these one size fits all products are later lost repairing damage due to incorrect application, mass-manufacturing recalls, or incorrect long term use.

Tom, colour expert on the team shares specifics: “Off the shelf products can’t look at your head like I can

and really see how your hair, skin and scalp are reacting to what’s put on it.

“There are so many things to consider; only your hair dresser knows for sure.

“We train hard to stay on top of the latest trends and colours.

“Fruit pastels are the new winter look. We all want to compete with the best Halifax, Hebden Bridge and other areas in our valley have to offer. We train hard to be the best.”

Trevor elaborates: “The beauty industry of tomorrow knows how to collaborate between science and

nature. It’s about applying cutting edge products and techniques with respect to the nature and character

of each individual client’s hair.

“We are constantly educating our clients on latest techniques and finding

better ways to enhance a client’s natural beauty.”