Hebden Bridge bakery approaches 25th anniversary

Saker's Hebden Bridge shop with manager Sally, centre
Saker's Hebden Bridge shop with manager Sally, centre

One of the hallmarks of Saker’s change of direction as the bakery approached its 25th anniversary is getting the right team in place.

It’s also allowing the shop managers and their teams to have some latitude with which to run each of the shops, he says.

Karl’s bakery team over the years has included his daughter Clare and his mainstay is baker Simon Brett, who has been with Saker for 14 years, he and Karl carrying through the changes.

At Todmorden Kiera Moore is the buyer and instrumental in developing the wholefood side of the business from a small budget with a keen eye on value for money for the customer, and she is ably supported by Ree McLean. At Hebden Bridge, Sally Hayes has managed the shop, where bread sales are a main driving force.

Both shops’ appeal has developed with their respective markets, says Karl.