Two great bands for one great rave

Happy Mondaze and Absolute Stone Roses

Friday, 17th August 2018, 9:00 am

Venue: 73, Brighouse on August 25

Here’s a great double header that will go down a storm with anyone who was raving back in the 90s. The world’s only (that’s what we’re told) Happy Mondays tribute band Happy Mondaze are joined by Absolute Stone Roses for a night of unforgettable music. And like the originals, both bands hail from Manchester.

Happy Mondaze are destined to recapture the party vibrancy of the early nineties.

Within days of filming a quick video of Kinky Afro in a cold Stockport rehearsal studio (once inhabited by the Mondays themselves) they were already touted by Mondays’ sticksman Gaz Whelan on Twitter as “Better than the real thing”.

A small handful of months and some great shows later Happy Mondaze has turned from a bunch of strangers with a common love and respect of the Happy Mondays into a band of friends who are on a right buzz.

The Absolute Stone Roses aim is to recreate that iconic sound and vibe that you get at a Stone Roses concert and bring it to live audiences all over the UK and Europe.

The band themselves are big fans with an obvious great love for The Stone Roses and have worked hard to recreate the sound, taking advice from an array of experienced audio engineers and producers. The band left no stone unturned in the search for musical perfection in creating a ressurection of the times.

The Absolute Stone Roses play an awesome set of all the best Roses material. Expect to hear all the classics including Waterfall, Made of Stone, I Am The Resurrection, I Wanna Be Adored, Fools Gold, Love Spreads and many more. If you’ve never seen the real deal or want to re-live your youth or feel that vibe then The Absolute Stone Roses will take you on a trip with the attitude and baggy fashion to boot. 
Tickets are £10 in advance and £12 on the door.