Seeking the real Dolly at Glastonbury!


Todmorden's "Dolly Birds" go in search of Dolly Parton at Glastonbury 2014

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Todmorden-based outdoor theatre mavericks Canopy, will return to Glastonbury’s theatre and circus fields this weekend with Dolly Birds - a strolling theatre experience featuring Dolly Parton’s misguided “lost daughters” Joy, Grace and Chastity.

Believing they are the lost daughters of Dolly Parton, the girls are on a shameless crusade to track down their long lost mama. With special acapella versions of Dolly’s back catalogue, Dolly Birds ambushes and engages the unsuspecting public, regaling woes and charming with bitter-sweet songs and empathetic characters.

After years of performing the ultimate theatrical tribute to Dolly, the company is super excited that the Queen of Country herself will be performing at Glastonbury this year and are on a mission to be reunited with their idol and ‘mama’!

If you can help the girls orchestrate a meeting with Dolly please contact them on twitter @thisiscanopy

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