It’s got to be jaw not war

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Mr Moore (letters 13/11/14) Is correct in pointing out that agression will not be deterred by “waving a pretty white flower”.

This is why the proposed Peace Tax Bill will give us the choice between contributing to the armed forces or to the government’s Conflict Pool,

an interdepartmental agency dedicated to finding peaceful solutions to problems around the world. As Harry Patch said, instead of having the negotiations after all the loss of life, we could have skipped the war

and gone straight to the negtiations.

Just as the red poppies remind us of tragic losses sustatined in past wars, the white poppies direct our thoughts to the wars of the future, the ones we haven’t fought yet, that we could avoid fighting altogether.

Wars are never inevitable; they happen because of decisions we make. We could use our God-given native wit to make better decisions to create a world in which war is obsolete.

Peggy Thomas

Hebden Bridge