If they’re looking at cutting costs, there are ways to get cash back

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I see Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader, and her party giving their backing to keeping Halifax A&E open. What it wants is for all elected MPs to go in to Parliment and tell this Goverment enough is enough, to keep the promise that was made when they got in power and that closing Halifax A&E will be one big mistake that will come back to bite them.

In the wake of what has happened at the Keighley Road surgery in Halifax, more people are going to be going to the A&E. This will add more to the 250-plus a week that already attend.

Between Halifax and Huddersfield, 500 plus, closing Halifax would push Huddersfield to over 450 plus.

If the National Health Service is losing money like they lead us to believe, then closures like this are not the answer in the long run - it will only make it worse.

Instead of the Goverment keeping giving billons of pounds away out of the disaster fund to anybody, then stop, think and put a billion into the health service.

Secondly, if people want to get so drunk they have to go to A&E then put a levy on them and fine them £50 each time. If 3,000 went to A&E last year, this would generate £150,000.

Last, but not least, can our local MPs go in to Parliment and ask David Cameron why the refurbisment of the Calderdale Royal Hospital that cost £75 millon is costing £650 million over 30 years?

And how much was paid for the General Hospital and was the money used to offset the cost of the new build? I ask our MPs to do this under the Freedom of Information Act.

This has been asked for before but no answers given - thus the Goverment is breaking their own rules.

Mr Rodney Young

Derdale Street