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Letter: We should put faith and trust in our WMC

As a resident of Mytholmroyd I’m saddened to hear about Mytholmroyd Workings Men’s Club and the state it has got itself into.

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Last year Todmorden saw one of its primary school's rated as indequate by Ofsted

Letter: Labour to blame for the state of our schools

With the exception of six months, Labour has controlled Calderdale Council since 2010, and over that period the performance of schools in areas of higher levels of disadvantage has been a dismal failure.

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Letter: Thanks to all my fantastic friends

I have recently relocated to Todmorden and being severly visually impaired have needed assistance settling in and finding my way around.

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Yorkshire Bank, Todmorden is closing its doors

Letter: Why can’t the banks share premises?

I appreciate the anger felt by Todmorden Yorkshire Bank customers at losing their branch of the county bank.

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Halifax Town Hall

Letter: Council could make savings

Throughout the coalition years Liberal Democrats took a lot of flak for undertaking the difficult task of working to bring back proper management of the nation’s finances after years of reckless Labour spending.

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Yorkshire Bank is closing its Todmorden branch

Letter: Why is our bank making us cross the border?

Yorkshire Bank is sending out letters to customers of their Todmorden branch (in Yorkshire, despite the postcode), telling them of its imminent closure and that the accounts will be moved to Burnley (in Lancashire of course).

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Todmorden Children's Centre, at Todmorden Community College

Letter: Appalled at loss of this resource

I attended the meeting of Todmorden Development Board last week which discussed the future of Todmorden Community College. After feeling inspired by the exciting proposals put forward by the Upper Valley Renaissance Group in their pre-feasibility study, and heartened by the results of their survey which showed overwhelming support in our town for maintaining the Community College,

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Plans to build a new Aldi on Burnley Road are still in motion

Letter: Let’s not stand by and allow this decision

The latest meeting of the Todmorden Development Board voted to continue to engage with Aldi regarding their proposal to build a much larger supermarket on Burnley Road, a site for which they already have planning permission. This is to be considered by Calderdale Council in the near future.

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Staff at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary have come in for huge praise from reader Gisela

Letter: Stay in hospital was ‘wonderful experience’

I fractured my ankle and had to spend a few days after an operation in the orthopaedic ward at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

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Letter: Calling former Todmorden Grammar pupils

Letter: Calling former Todmorden Grammar pupils

Last year you kindly published information that we were trying to arrange a school reunion for the people who started at Todmorden Grammar School in 1966 - celebrating 50 years since we started Grammar School.

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Phil Fearnley, @HaloVue on Twitter, tweeted this video of a sunset over Sowerby Bridge

See it snap it: We want to see your scenic videos

We always want to see your photos of Calderdale but we would also love for you to send us some spectacular videos!


Walshaw Moor: Burning can be a useful tool


Why the internet can be good for teenagers

Eighty nine percent of adults aged between 18 and 19 use social media.

Bee friendly this summer.

Keep the pesticide ban and bee friendly to insects

It’s not been the best spring for bees so far. Cold and wet.


Why build on a flood plain?

Surely even the most thick-skinned Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council officers and councillors must be squirming at the correlation of the headline front page articles of April 29 and (April 22 in the Halifax Courier.


LETTERS: Praise for MP’s fantastic support

It isn’t very often that you hear in the press very positive news about the business that politicians (MPs) undertake on behalf of their constituents. Usually we only hear how dishonest and morally unethical they are.

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It was wrong to dilute this council motion

How timely that The Conservative Group on Calderdale Council should bring a motion asking the council’s Labour leader to write to Jeremy Corbyn requesting “to expel all members who have expressed or condoned anti-Semitic views”.

Calder 76.

LETTERS: Congratulations to Calder 76

I was very pleased to be a spectator at Ryburn vs Calder 76 last week when Calder put in a great performance to become champions of the Halifax premiere league for the first time in their history.


LETTERS: How will staying in EU make us more powerful?

Barack Obama is another person who spouts the myth that the UK is in a stronger position to negotiate as part of the EU.

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The Duke of York visited flood victims in Calderdale.

LETTERS: Awed by the compassion of strangers

I am writing to express my sadness for those throughout the valley who have been affected by the recent floods.

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