Wadsworth Boundary Walk is on Sunday, June 1 - Join us to ramble through some spectacular scenery, say Rotary

The Rotary Club of Hebden Bridge run the Wadsworth Boundary Walk - this is the route
The Rotary Club of Hebden Bridge run the Wadsworth Boundary Walk - this is the route
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The Rotary Club of Hebden Bridge has organised the annual Wadsworth Boundary Walk every year since 1999, with this year’s event taking place on Sunday, June 1.

The route follows the scenic boundary of Wadsworth Parish - the second largest parish in the country.

The Boundary Walk rambles through the most spectacular scenery in the Pennines, including the beautiful wooded valleys of Hardcastle Crags and the commanding moors above the Luddenden Valley.

The full Boundary Walk covers some 21 miles and is classified as moderately difficult in walking terms. However, to accommodate leisure ramblers and families alike, the Walk is now spilt into three stages, each of which ends on a road to facilitate a checkpoint and refreshments:

Stage one: - Hebden Bridge to Keighley Road via Luddenden Dene and Midgley Moor, approximately 9 miles.

Stage two: - Keighley Road to Packhorse Inn, Widdop Road via Warley Moor and Walshaw, approximately 7.5 miles.

Stage three: - Pack Horse Inn, Widdop to Hebden Bridge via Hardcastle Crags, approximately 4.5 miles.

Transport is provided to and from all the stages so people can choose whichever option suits them best, with the final section through the stunning Hardcastle Crags being particularly suited to those not wanting to attempt the full walk. Runners are also welcome but they must start the route at 8am.

All relevant details and registration forms (with an on-line option available for the first time this year) are available on www.hebdenbridgerotary.org.uk or www.facebook.com/wadsworthboundarywalk.

Please email hebdenbridgeboundarywalk@gmail.com with any comments or queries you may have.