Scrap this killing machine

Linden Road,

Hebden Bridge

BARBARA Green (letters, March 25) has raised the important subject of Trident – she asks me and my fellow candidates if we support the megabucks renewal of this nasty, nuclear killing machine.

People may infer from the above sentence that no, the Green Party does not support renewal of Trident.

It is a hideously expensive relic of the Cold War and has absolutely no place in the 21st century. According to Greenpeace we’d save $130 billion – think of all the hospitals and care homes we could fund with that.

Depressingly for Barbara and for me, the Tory/Labours (I keep mixing them up) both insist that we “need” Trident.

The Green Party doesn’t accept this analysis, though of course we do face an increased security threat since Labour decided to cluster-bomb Iraq.

Who thinks that Bin Laden is sitting in his cave quaking at the thought of Trident? Who thinks that the 7/7 bombers would have stayed at home if only we’d had some brand new nukes?

What about the Lib Dems?

Well, of course they’re better than the others – not hard, you may agree – but careful reading of the small print reveals that, though they don’t want to spend gazillions on renewing it, they don’t want to scrap Trident either.

I’m not sure about UKIP and the BNP, but something tells me they may not be quite as passionate as we are about a Trident-free zone.

Hope that helps you, Barbara!

Kate Sweeny

Green Party Parliamentary candidate, Calder Valley