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People around Calderdale are bursting with pride to be from “God’s own county”, as they celebrate all things Yorkshire for Yorkshire Day today.

With the success of the Tour de France, Calderdale has been on show to the world recently and for this, many people around the borough think that this year will be a ‘special’ Yorkshire Day.

Patricia Allen, Mayor of Calderdale, said: “With all its diversity Yorkshire is and always will be the most beautiful place in the world especially Calderdale.

“No matter how far a Yorkshire person travels it is always nice to come home.

“After all Yorkshire is God’s Own County and here in Calderdale we are fiercly proud of that.

“The Tour de France spread the word how beautiful Yorkshire is to the world and we in Calderdale welcome visitors short or long term and all become dear to us. We are proud to be Yorkshire people.”

Yorkshire Day was first celebrated on August 1, 1975 and has been a long standing tradition ever since.

The day is based on the history of England’s largest region and is a day of pride for people that come from and live in Yorkshire.

Tracy Harvey, managing director of Harvey’s Department Store, Rawson Street, Halifax, said: “Harvey’s has been in Halifax for 63 years. We are very much a fundamental part of Haliax and a local business for the local community.”

In 2016, Yorkshire Day will be hosted by Halifax and a redeveloped town centre and transformed Piece Hall will be showcased to the county, as it leads the celebrations.




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