I’m worried route will be closed



This paper has recently published several letters about unwelcome developments in Hebden Bridge but I wonder how many residents are aware of another affront to the town’s heritage.

The owners of the Hole In The Wall, now Hebble House, have put in an application to have the right-of-way over the setts in front of the building stopped so that they can use the area for private parking. Not only is this a part of a public highway, as the Council’s Public Notice states, but it is a part of possibly the oldest highway in Calderdale.

The setts here between the Old Bridge and the Buttress form a part of the ancient highway, packhorse road, between Halifax-Heptonstall-Lancashire which was in public use here even two or three hundred years before the stone ‘Old Bridge’ was built in 1510.

It’s outrageous if a seven or eight hundred year old public way could be stopped merely to provide private parking for two or three vehicles.

Practically speaking of course if the application is successful then, as the Council’s Notice states, the public-right-of-way will “be extinguished” and it will not be legal for anyone to traverse the setts either on foot or on bicycle. The direct way between Old Bridge and Buttress, Royd Terrace and Hangingroyd Lane will be cut off.

Although, as far as I am aware, there is no proposal at this stage to enclose the area if the application is successful it is difficult to see how they can restrict it to private parking only without so doing.

The deadline for comments to Calderdale Council - rightsofway@calderdale.gov.uk - under the consultation process is January 9, 2014.

David N. Taylor,

Hebden Bridge.




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