Depressingly predictable decision

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Calderdale’s decision to give the “undeveloped” area opposite the turning circle over to a hotel and supermarket is depressingly predictable.

It goes against the expressed wishes of residents and arguably the interests of the environment, but then local authorities, indeed all elected politicians are these days, seem increasingly merely the representatives of business not the electorate at large.

The proposed development will exacerbate the risk of flooding, traffic congestion and undermine local shops. Why not a green space, why isn’t that development?

Trees, a lake even serving as a water catchment, wild flowers? Somewhere for wildlife, some where for us to sit, kids to play, orchards. It could be maintained by volunteers, or by community payback schemes.

It could be a resource for local schools and a place for the elderly residents of Mytholm Meadows to enjoy. But then of course no shareholders will be making a large profit from the land which is what “development” has come to mean: speculative building.

People in Hebden generally have an affection for where they live. Sentimental as it sounds that feeds into an affection and sense of trust for one another. Make a place uglier, more noisy, more like every other town (possibly more boarded up) and you destroy the thing you claim to be developing.

Michael Crowley,





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