Let's hear the details please

Hebden Bridge

NICE to see Craig Whittaker joining the ongoing green debate in these pages.

It’s a relief that he seems to disagree with his colleague Richard Marshall, who recently wrote here about Lord Stern’s “crazy ideas”. I was under the impression that the Conservatives had accepted the findings of the Stern Review – perhaps Councillors Marshall or Whittaker would care to elucidate?

I can happily agree with Craig on the importance of the 10:10 initiative, and the council are to be commended on signing themselves (us?) up for it.

However, it falls to us Greens to point out that signing up to 10:10 means cutting your carbon emissions by 10 per cent. Craig’s letter made no mention of how this is to be achieved. I look forward to hearing the details in the near future.

Not to be a spoilsport, but I must remind everyone that this is just the first step. If we’re going to keep the rise in global temperatures down to two degrees (which is still serious, mind you) we need to reduce our collective emissions by a lot more than 10 per cent.

Please let’s get a move on!


Green Party Parliamentary candidate, Calder Valley