Former RAF radar station to be bulldozed

A FORMER RAF radar station on Cockhill Moor, above Hebden Bridge, is to be bulldozed.

The bunkers, aerials, masts, fences and other paraphernalia on one of the highest local hilltops have been derelict for years.

Most were put up during the second World War and used as part of the GEE navigation system in 1942 to guide aircraft.

The radar station was maintained by the RAF until 1970 when Bradford University turned it into a laboratory for weather forecasting and in 1991 installed a telescope to help monitor light absorption and predict global warning effects.

But the university has decided to totally revamp the isolated facility beside Keighley Road which is on the Calderdale/Bradford border and an area of special landscape value.

Clive Wilson, director of estates at the university, said: “We are in the process of revamping our facilities on Oxenhope Moor by demolishing the larger vandalised building and ensuring that the site is made secure with gates and fences.

“The land will continue to provide us with a variety of scientific facilities, including use by the Division of Archaeological, Geographical and Environmental Sciences for unique training purposes based on the upland nature of the site.”