School life: Egg-citing project for Calder High students

Students decorated their baby eggs
Students decorated their baby eggs
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Miss Frankland said, year 12 students spent a week nurturing and acting as a primary caregiver for an ‘egg baby’. This challenge was to form part of the attachment topic that Year 12 psychology students have just started. The hope was that after spending a week with their ‘egg baby’ most of them would have formed some kind of attachment and wouldn’t want to smash it after the week was over. Most eggs were cared for really well and each student had their ‘egg baby’ with them every single day, some even arranged ‘sleep overs’ if they knew they were unable to care for their egg that night. Students will be able to refer to what they experienced with their egg baby to topics within the attachment unit.

Eleanor and Molly, Year 12 Psychology students, said, on one of our Monday psychology lessons we each were each given a raw egg that we had to decorate to look like a baby (some students requested twins). People used pom poms, googley eyes and little woollen hats, there were lots of creativity.

We were each given a cute little Easter carrier to put our egg babies in and a birth certificate that we filled out for our ‘baby,’ names included Aleggsandra, Peggy and Eggward. This was an activity that our psychology teacher Miss Frankland asked us to do as we would be able to refer to our experiences with our egg baby throughout the topic and it would help us to have a better understanding of the content. We had to keep the ‘baby’ for a week and always had to have the baby with us, if we were unable to look after it we had to leave it with a ‘responsible’ person. Miss Frankland would come and check every day that our egg babies were alive and well. After a week, we were asked if we wanted to smash the egg or not to see who had formed an attachment with the egg baby. Many of us enjoyed taking comical pictures to document the week with the egg babies, we were able to trade an egg that survived for a chocolate Easter egg.