Bernard's green 'cred' doesn't convince me

Linden Road, Hebden Bridge.

THESE are strange times! Jaws are dropping all round the valley at Sir Bernard Ingham's assertion that he is "an unashamed supporter of all things green"!

We in Calderdale Green Party would like to welcome Sir Bernard and invite him to our next meeting - September 14 at 7.30 in The White Lion (see for details).

Ah, but wait...on closer inspection, it's not the environment Sir Bernard is keen to protect, so much as his beloved nuclear industry. It's well known that he was a paid consultant for BNFL (British Nuclear fuels, as was) and his love of all things nuclear shows no sign of changing. Aw, shucks.

To begin with, nuclear energy uses plenty of carbon in its manufacture and transport. It's also expensive, it creates very few jobs (just lots of profit for a few people) and it's not even sustainable - you need uranium ore and that's going to run out.

And there's the teensy problem of safety, or the lack of it. Sir Bernard is silent on the risk of leukaemia, and scarily dismissive of the risk of accidents.

Have we really been "safely handling such so-called waste (so-called? What else should we call it?) for 50 years"?

That's what they told the people of Chernobyl, right up until April 26 1986.

Still, the times they are a-changing if Sir Bernard can write an entire article without abusing the green moment as a whole.

Who knows, maybe one day we'll see him down at the White Lion!


Parliamentary Candidate, Green Party