Ashley teaches in nature’s classroom

Old Town School pupils enjoy their art lesson with Ashley Jackson

Old Town School pupils enjoy their art lesson with Ashley Jackson

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Old Town schoolchildren had their art lesson in the open air last week with a famous teacher - Yorkshire’s acclaimed landscape artist Ashley Jackson.

Just a few weeks ago, Ashley was on hand to launch the free standing six feet uncoated steel frame through which a Hardcastle Crags vista can be seen, and hopes budding artists will use it to help them compose their sketches and paintings.

The free standing metal frame is situated on top of a tripod construction very similar in detail to an easel, the difference being that the aperture is cut to see the landscape through the frame, which acts in the same way that a mount enhances a painting focussing the viewers’ eye on to the specific landscape in front of them.

Ashley was delighted to return and spend time teaching the children and offering some advice on their art work.

“I wish to pass on this passion I have for Yorkshire and the landscape to inspire others to explore and enjoy all that nature has provided.

“The frame locations are safe, accessible and near to walking trails, we just need to show children that the landscape can be just as interactive as a mobile phone, internet access and on line games if they know how to make that connection through art,” said Ashley.